10 Ultimate Wedding Planning Tips!


Getting engaged is so incredibly exciting! Being able to next a step forward into the next chapter of your lives together is simply an amazing feeling and as you are basking in the afterglow of your engagement you suddenly realise that you have to plan a wedding! Things can get overwhelming pretty quickly as you attempt to plan this incredible day of celebration. Don’t worry, help is at hand! After years of photographing weddings, I’ve picked up plenty of tips and tricks that will make planning your day a breeze. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through this list for amazing tips and tricks that will help you on your wedding planning journey and allow you to kick back and enjoy your engagement.




Envisage your day

It may seem obvious, but it’s important that you envisage what your wedding day will look like. Focus on the most important element of your day, for you. That could be tying the knot or it could be having all of your closest family and friends in one place for the first time. Once that’s decided everything else will fall into place. If you skip this step, you may find yourself booking a wedding venue hours away with a capacity for 200 people when you would really love an intimate wedding in your home town with 50 guests! If you ever feel yourself straying throughout the wedding planning process, make sure to check in with yourself and that perfect picture of your day and soon you’ll be back on track.

Involve Your Partner

In heterosexual couples, a lot of wedding planning can fall on the bride but it’s important that your partner gets involved too. It’s essential that both partners share the responsibility and planning, after all, you are both getting married so make sure it’s a day you both will love. It could be as simple as making a list and dividing up tasks or maybe your partner is really creative and loves the idea of sourcing the flowers, decorations and party favours. You could love organising so you would take charge of the seating plan and guest list. Make sure to work to each other’s strengths so you can enjoy the planning while sharing the responsibility. When it comes to the big day, you’ll be able to appreciate all of the efforts you put in to create an incredible wedding for yourselves and your guests.

The Guest List

This day is about you and your partner. You only get one wedding day so you’re going to have to make it count when it comes to the guest list. If you are finding it a struggle trying to narrow down the never-ending guest list, do this quick exercise. Close your eyes and picture yourself looking down the aisle at all of those smiling faces. Look at each of them, does their presence make you feel ecstatic? Do you know everyone’s names? If you have to think about it then you need to revisit your guest list. Remember this day is about you so kindly let your parents know not to invite every neighbour on the road!




Say Yes to the Dress

Choosing what you will be wearing on your big day can be a daunting task. So many options can make it overwhelming and you can start to lose touch on what you actually like. Before setting foot in a bridal store, bring it closer to home first and take a look in your wardrobe. Take out your favourite outfits, the fail-safes that you constantly rely on to make you feel amazing. Try them on and focus on the elements that you love about each individual outfit. Do you love the way your favourite dress flows as you walk? Do you adore the pop of colour in your go-to skirt? Maybe you are more practical and can’t get enough of the large pockets on your favourite high waisted trousers? Make a list of these elements and this will serve as a guide as you tackle those once overwhelming bridal stores. Another important tip; remember, if you fancy company, only bring one or two family or friends with you. Too many people equal too many opinions which can cloud your judgement. Focus on you, what you feel comfortable in and remember to trust your gut. You got this!

The Wedding Party

Choosing your wedding party can be tricky especially if you have a large group of friends. One trick that is super simple is to decide straight away how many you would like in your wedding party once you know that it’ll make things easier. Then open your phone and look at your most recent calls and texts. See who you are in contact with the most, besides your partner and there’s your answer. These are the people whom you are constantly checking in with, ringing if you’re having a bad day and are always free for a good catch up on a Friday night. There’s your wedding party! After all, your wedding party will be holding you together through the nerves and excitement. They will be helping you with last-minute errands and gathering party favours. Most importantly, they will be the first people up on that dancefloor! Also, if you happen to have a best friend that’s a man, don’t hesitate to add him to your wedding party. Who says that you can’t have a man in your wedding party?

Do It Yourself

A lot of brides to be try to cut costs by going down the DIY route. It can be a super fun way of personalising your day and ensuring your venue is filled with bunting, confetti and gorgeous signage. Many don’t know that the costs suddenly ramp up along with taking a hit on your time, wouldn’t you prefer sitting back with your partner with a glass of wine knowing it was all sorted? That’s where a wedding planner comes in! They ensure your day is exactly how you pictured it with all of the bunting and confetti you would like! It also reduces costs in the long run, gives you more time to chill out and allows you to have fun with your guests on the day.




Off-Peak Weddings

You may have pictured your wedding in summer, having the ceremony outdoors with games on the lawn and alfresco cocktails for your guests or possibly you love the idea of a winter wedding with rich coloured bouquets and hot whiskeys by the fireplace. Whatever you pictured, consider booking your wedding venue for an off-peak day such as a Thursday or Sunday. This will save you money and guarantee that you can still have your wedding during the busy summer season.


So, you’ve picked your perfect wedding venue, you’ve got a killer outfit and you’ve booked amazing vendors, now for the guests! When it comes to invites, there are plenty of options out there, from where you source your stationary, to the design and delivery. Let’s take the hassle out of it and set up a simple wedding website. This will be the go to source of information for your guests for all things wedding. The website will provide all of the details of the day from where and when, directions to the venue and accommodation suggestions nearby. Instead of calls and texts asking for a Google Maps link or what time dinner is, you’ll be able to direct your guests to the website. Most importantly, they’ll be able to RSVP on the spot so you can keep track of who will be attending your wedding day taking all of the fuss out of waiting for the postman!


Yes, you may only be starting your wedding planning journey but it’s essential that you start thinking about what type of honeymoon you would like. By looking ahead, you will save yourselves money and added stress. Start thinking of what your ideal honeymoon would look like, maybe you love the idea of adventuring around South East Asia for two weeks or perhaps you would prefer something closer to home, a quiet staycation. Once you have decided you can start researching your options and if you book well ahead of your wedding date you may be able to save money on flights or accommodation. So all you need to do after your wedding is relax





With all of the wedding planning, it can be easy to lose sight of why you are getting married. When the day comes try and be present in each moment. Look at everyone around you and take in the excitement and amazing atmosphere. Make sure you relax and try and go with the flow as much as possible. When the day comes all of the planning is finished and you’re only responsibility is to enjoy yourselves. Things will go wrong, that’s life but just laugh it off and try not to make it dampen your day. See the funny side, I doubt you’ll remember the slip up’s in a week’s time. It can be easy to fall into making the rounds and greeting your guests without seeing your partner. Make sure you take plenty of time with your partner throughout the day, you could frequently meet at the bar and check-in or take a stroll around your wedding venue’s grounds. It will slow down the day for you and make you appreciate all of the work you have done to make this day amazing.

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