Why Eloping Could Be The Best Decision You Make This Year!

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The beauty of an elopement is that the focus is truly on you, your partner and your union. You can take your elopement plan and craft a day that is as unique as you. There’s no elaborate guests lists, no keeping your parents sweet or worry about schedules. It’s a stress-free way to mark your union in a way that reflects your values and relationship.



Take the Day

Your elopement only happens once so take the day and make it an occasion! One of the perks of having an elopement is not being tied down to a schedule and worrying about venue times and guests arriving. Contemplate what would make this day truly amazing for you. You could book the fanciest boutique hotel and after your vows, take in the grandeur of your surroundings with spa treatments, relaxation and cocktails. Perhaps you want to make the most out of your stunning outfit and bar hop or you could throw on your outdoor gear, hike up a mountain to have a picnic at sunset.

First Look

A first look is the best addition to your elopement. Get ready separately and enjoy all of the anticipation as you walk toward your loved one for the last time before being married. It leaves you to focus on being in the moment for the rest of the day, enjoying the atmosphere and being there with your loved one.

Get Ready Together

Maybe a first look isn’t for you? Why not get ready together! Have fun putting on your favourite playlist, drink champagne and take your time helping each other get ready for the biggest day of your life.

Top Tip:
Create a getting ready playlist so you don’t have any interruptions!

Rent a Kickass Car.

Always wanted to rent a mustang or an old school Defender? Now’s your chance! Why not take your dream car for a spin with your other half taking in all of those special spots that made up your relationship. Make a note of all of those places that you’ve wanted to visit and go on a road trip!



Plan a Surprise

Plan a little surprise for your partner during the ceremony or after you have tied the knot. This could be a beautifully handmade photo album of your relationship or it could be your vows written in a stunning vow book which will serve as a gorgeous reminder. You could really make them smile by singing your favourite song during the ceremony and watch them beam! You could arrange a surprise party with all of your loved ones in one place!

Change Your Outfit.

As they say, go big or go home! You’re in charge of the schedule so why not add some extra flair with some exciting outfit changes. Wear your fanciest pyjamas as you get ready together, dress all in white for your ceremony or change into a little disco number for the celebrations. If you have a few destinations throughout the day, outfit changes can break them up and create specific moods for each part of the elopement.





You want your elopement to truly represent who you are as a couple so don’t be shy in putting your spin on the decorations! It can bring character and personality to your elopement. Liven up the ceremony location with a beautiful ceremony arch which you can say your vows under. Having a statement piece can add so much atmosphere to the ceremony. Experiment with florals, adding your favourite flowers throughout the day. You can include them in your bouquet, sprinkled throughout the ceremony location and even using the petals as eco-friendly confetti. Adding a handmade vow rug can make a ceremony location pop! Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting. Good lighting can create a gorgeous atmosphere as well as making or breaking your photographs. Candlelight can be used if you are having an intimate gathering to celebrate afterwards or dotted along the aisle. String lights are ideal for a stress free approach by spreading them around your feet, bonding you both together as you say your vows. 

Write Your Own Vows.

Speak from the heart and write it all down on paper. This is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life, make it special by telling your partner how you truly feel. Write your vows in beautiful handmade notebooks, these can be displayed in a frame in your home, reminding you of your journey as a couple.

Top Tip:

Hire a local calligraphy artist to write your vows on gorgeous paper and gift it to your partner on your wedding anniversary. Have the tissues ready because it will get emotional!

Hire a Fantastic Musician.

Do you have a favourite song or band that brought you together? Create a gorgeous atmosphere by having your favourite musician play during your ceremony. You will be brought right back to how you met as you walk towards your partner to exchange your vows. You could slow dance to your song after you tie the knot or the band could play for the day, providing a soundtrack to your elopement

The Afters. 

Plan something special for after the ceremony, that could be a quiet trip to a bar or gorgeous restaurant with a fantastic view. You can choose to bring your friends along with celebrate with just the two of you. It’s the perfect way to mark the start of this incredible chapter of your life together.