Melissa & Kristie – Swiss Alps Elopement


As 2023 progressed, I started the journey of shooting fewer Ireland-based weddings and more elopements, specifically elopements in Europe. It was around this time that Melissa & Kristie reached out, at the exact right moment.

Bonded by their shared love of travel, hiking and the outdoors, Melissa & Kristie were hiking down through Germany, backpacking 100 miles through parts of the Swiss Alps to a beautiful spot called Oeschinen Lake in Kandersteg in the Berner Oberland region of Switzerland. What better place to capture these moments of commitment and love than in this natural haven.

Oeschinen Lake

Oeschinen Lake is just a 20-minute cable car ride from Kandersteg, with incredible views along the way. Even though it was late September, it was quite cold as we hiked from the cable car station to the lake, the altitude making the temperature drop. Nothing prepared us for the view of the lake as we turned the corner, as the light made it’s way over the mountain, it slowly illuminated the lake. It then clear why it is frequently called the ‘Blue Lake’.

A Peaceful Boat Ride.

Beside the lake is a small pier with boats for rent for hikers looking for a break from the trails. We decided to rent a boat and row out into the lake for a better view. It was beautiful seeing the clear water up close and enjoy the majesty of the mountainside that overlooks the lake.

The Vows.

After a short boat ride we started our hike, our destination, a small waterfall and viewpoint that overlooked the lake. It’s quite a steep hike but there was a different view att every turn. It was inpossible not to stop! Once we reached the viewpoint, Melissa & Kristie made their way to a quiet spot and took a breather. They were able to say their vows on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps, just the two of time. Just as they had wanted to all this time. It was perfect.


It was such a beautiful experience filled with everything Melissa and Kristie wanted. They truly honoured their unique relationship and focused on the values and traits that bonded them. It was a pleasure helping Melissa and Kristie craft their elopement experience and to witness such a beautiful moment in their lives.

We said our goodbyes at the start of the trail overlooking the main Oeschinen viewpoint knowing that this was only the beginning of our adventures together.

Thank you Melissa & Kristie.
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