Breanna & Bryan – Dublin City Engagement Shoot

Dublin Engagement

What can I say about these two! The moment we both met on a cloudy November day in Dublin city centre I knew we were going to have ana amazing afternoon. We had a brief incident earlier in the week as I found myself lain up in a hospital bed on the eve of our shoot but I needn’t have worried as these two were absolute troopers and we managed to reschedule our shoot for later in the week. Get yourself an amazing couple who prioritise your health despite travelling to Ireland for a shoot!

So when the day came I was even more excited when I realised they were super open to exploring the city and trusting me. We had so much fun getting to know each other better, learning about their gorgeous 1 year old St. Bernard, how they love to travel, their plans for their upcoming wedding, I truly felt like I had known them for years.

I decided to give them a more alternative tour of the city so we stopped off at the city hall to look down at the busy streets below before wandering the streets, stopping off at interesting back drops and beautifully aged brick walls in the oldest part of the city. As we moved closer towards the busy shopping district of Grafton street and it’s surrounds we had a quick detour to take in a city view at one of the most popular car parks in the centre.

One we’d had enough of the urban sprawl we took a shortcut through St. Stephen’s Green admiring the history of the place and demonstrating the last remnants of autumn to these American visitors. Finally we entered the oasis that is the Iveagh Gardens with it’s now quite water features and probably the only city centre waterfall!

It was tough saying goodbye as we all really connected over the short time spent shooting but we promised to keep in touch and I’m so excited for Breanna & Bryan to visit again for another shoot. Here’s to new friends and all the best to Breanna & Bryan as they enter into life as a married couple.


Looking to have your own Dublin city engagement shoot? I would love to hear from you! Get in touch below to get started.

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