If you're ditching the big city wedding and wanting a romantic, stress-free wedding, look no further. 

This is the complete guide to eloping in Ireland! We wanted you to have the best resources possible when planning your elopement, so we put together some of the best locations, vendors, and tips about planning your elopement in Ireland!

We have sprinkled our experience as an elopement photographer in this guide and it is full of tips and tricks to know when planning your elopement!

We hope this serves you well and connect with us if you have any further questions!  


Ireland has a vast amount of picturesque scenery for the perfect backdrop for your elopement! But don't just pick a location because it looks nice on Instagram. You need to make sure you know what you are getting into, if there are restrictions or permit needs, and what the weather will be like! I've outlined some of my favourite locations in Ireland for you below!


Waterford Castle is a luxury 16th Century castle nestled on its own private island in Waterford, Ireland. This luxurious and elegant castle dates back to the 16th century and has been beautifully restored to its former glory, with original features and antique furnishings creating an atmosphere of timeless sophistication and charm. The hotel offers a range of venues for weddings, including an ornate banquet hall, a stylish marquee, and a beautiful outdoor courtyard, each offering a unique and stunning backdrop for couples to exchange their vows. The hotel's beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds provide excellent opportunities for photographs, and the island's seclusion and tranquillity create an intimate and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for a wedding celebration. The hotel also offers a range of luxury accommodation options, including spacious suites and private lodges, ensuring that guests can relax and enjoy their stay in comfort and style. Waterford Castle Hotel is a truly enchanting and romantic wedding venue that offers the perfect blend of history, luxury, and natural beauty.

Pro: Venue + Hotel in one!

Cons: Books up quickly

Waterford, Ireland

Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park is one of Ireland's most stunning and beloved natural attractions, located in the heart of County Kerry. The park covers an area of over 100 square kilometers and offers breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, forests, and waterfalls. The park's varied landscape provides an ideal setting for couples who want a unique and unforgettable location for their elopement that is rich in natural beauty and romantic charm. The park's vast expanses of unspoiled wilderness, tranquil lakes, and rolling hills make it simply unmatched in terms of its beauty. The park also offers a range of activities for couples and their guests, including hiking, cycling, fishing, and horseback riding, providing a wealth of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. The park is also conveniently located close to the vibrant town of Killarney, perfect for entertaining your guests and celebrating well into the night. 

Pro: Multiple gardens, homes, and beautiful scenery for different views

Con: Driving through the gardens and around heritage sites is not permissible

Killarney, Ireland

Waterford Castle Hotel

Loughcrew House & Gardens

Loughcrew House and Gardens is a stunning estate located in County Meath, Ireland, offering a unique and picturesque setting for couples looking to elope in Ireland. This historic property boasts beautiful gardens, rolling hills, and ancient megalithic tombs. The estate's charming 17th-century house offers elegant accommodation for couples, making it a perfect place to stay during their elopement. The estate's tranquil surroundings and serene ambiance make it a perfect place for couples looking for a peaceful and intimate ceremony. Additionally, the property is conveniently located close to Dublin, making it easily accessible for couples traveling from outside Ireland. Loughcrew House and Gardens is an ideal destination for couples seeking a romantic and secluded elopement in the picturesque Irish countryside.

Pros: Full wedding team available to help plan

Cons: This is a popular wedding venue- books fast

Meath, Ireland

Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful natural wonderland located just south of Dublin, in County Wicklow. The park covers an area of over 20,000 hectares and is home to a stunning array of landscapes, including mountains, lakes, forests, and heathlands including St Kevin's monastic settlement at Glendalough. The park's diverse and unspoiled environment provides a unique and unforgettable setting. The park's dramatic peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and rolling hills offer a stunning backdrop for your ceremony. The park also offers a range of activities for couples and their guests, including hiking, cycling, and fishing. Only a 30 minute drive from Dublin city, it's perfect for couples and their guests basing themselves in Dublin, who want to lush, green landscape that Ireland is famous for along with access to the historic sites and bustling nightlife in Dublin city. 

Pros: Peaks that show beautiful mountaintop scenery

Cons: Vast; Need to know where to go

Wicklow, Ireland

Gougane Barra Forest Park

Cliffs of Moher

There is also a tiny island at the edge of the lake at the entrance to the Forest Park. St Finbarr's Oratory, a small chapel, is also on the lake island.

A hidden gem located in the heart of Cork, Ireland, Gougane Barra Forest Park, is tucked into a lush valley at the edge of the Sheehy mountains. The park is centered around a stunning glacial lake, surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills, creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The park also features a 6th-century monastery nestled in the woods, which adds to the park's romantic charm and historic character. The park's natural beauty and serenity provide the perfect backdrop for couples to exchange their vows in complete privacy and seclusion. The park also has several walking trails that lead to picturesque spots, including waterfalls, stone bridges, and stunning viewpoints. Gougane Barra Forest Park is a magical location for couples who want a unique and romantic wedding venue that is rich in beauty, history, and character.

Pro: Ideal places to hike; church for ceremony

Cons: Will need to know how to get around



Avondale Forest Park

Avondale Forest Park is a picturesque location in Wicklow, Ireland that offers a perfect setting for couples who want to elope in a serene and tranquil environment. The park features sprawling woodland, beautiful gardens, and a river that runs through it, making it a perfect place for couples to exchange their vows in a natural and idyllic setting. With an abundance of trees, flowers, and wildlife, the park offers a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.The park also has several quiet spots where couples can have an intimate ceremony and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in complete privacy. 

Pro: Beautiful stately home, great tree top views

Cons: Open to the public

The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland's most iconic landmarks, standing at over 700 feet tall along the Atlantic coast. The breathtaking views of the rugged cliffs, the crashing waves, and the sea birds soaring overhead make it an ideal location for couples looking to elope. The natural beauty of the cliffs provides a stunning backdrop for intimate ceremonies. The serene and peaceful atmosphere of the cliffs also allows couples to fully immerse themselves in the moment and create unforgettable memories. Whether exchanging vows with the dramatic cliffs as the backdrop, or taking romantic walks along the cliffside, the Cliffs of Moher offer a unique and awe-inspiring setting for couples looking to start their lives together.

Pro: The incredible views & changeable weather

Cons: Popular tourist destination


Muckross Abbey

Muckross Abbey is a stunning historical site located in Killarney, Ireland, that offers a unique and romantic backdrop for couples looking to elope. This ancient monastery, which dates back to the 15th century, boasts impressive stonework, dramatic arches, and beautiful gothic windows, making it a picturesque and memorable place to exchange vows. The abbey is nestled amidst beautiful trees and gardens, and its peaceful and secluded location creates a serene and intimate atmosphere. The stunning ruins and ancient architecture of Muckross Abbey also offer excellent photo opportunities. Moreover, the abbey is steeped in history and legend, making it a unique and meaningful place to choose for your elopement. Overall, Muckross Abbey is an ideal location for couples who want a romantic and historic venue that is rich in beauty, charm, and character.

Pros: No fees; beautiful old architecture 

Cons: Open to the public


Connemara National Park

For couples who love the wildness of the Cliffs of Moher but would prefer somewhere off the beaten track, Connemara National Park is an ideal location for an elopement. A breathtaking location in western Ireland consisting of over 2000 hectares of scenic mountains, bogs and woodland, Connemara National Park offers a perfect setting for couples who want to elope in nature's embrace. The park is home to the majestic Twelve Bens mountain range, pristine lakes, and vast expanses of bogland, creating an enchanting and picturesque backdrop for an elopement. The park's rugged terrain and untamed beauty provide an intimate and romantic setting where couples can exchange their vows in privacy and seclusion. The park also has several walking trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Home to a diverse range of wildlife, including red deer, foxes, and birds of prey, Connemara National Park is perfect for couples who love wildlife and the outdoors. Overall, Connemara National Park is an excellent choice for couples who want to elope in a natural and wild setting that is rich in beauty and character.

Pros: Beautiful unique scenery

Cons: Vast; need to know where you are going

Connemara, Ireland

Killyon Manor

Killyon Manor is a beautiful Georgian manor house located in the heart of Meath, Ireland, that offers a unique and enchanting setting for elopements. The manor's elegant architecture, exquisite gardens, and beautiful interiors create an atmosphere of romance and grandeur that is perfect for couples who want a classic and sophisticated venue for their elopement. The manor also has several luxurious suites that are ideal for accommodating wedding parties or guests, adding to the convenience and comfort of the venue. The manor's grounds also offer a wide range of activities, including horse riding, fishing, and golf, providing an array of entertainment options for couples and their guests. The manor's prime location also makes it an ideal base for exploring the nearby attractions, including the ancient Hill of Tara, the Boyne Valley, and the historic town of Trim. Killyon Manor is an exceptional location for couples who want a timeless and elegant elopement venue that offers the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and sophistication.

Pros: Beautiful natural scenery: wild gardens, woodlands, ruins, etc.

Cons: Up to 6 people


Menlo Castle

 You can take a river cruise to the ruins or take the walking/bike path to the site. This would make a very picturesque backdrop to a small ceremony!

Menlo Castle, is a fascinating and historic site located in Galway, Ireland on the banks of the river Corrib. Dating back to the 16th century, Menlo Castle has a rich and intriguing history, making it an ideal location for couples who want to elope to a location that is steeped in culture and heritage. The castle's dramatic ruins, ivy-covered walls, and beautiful gardens create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere that is perfect for exchanging vows. The castle's location on the banks of the River Corrib provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor ceremonies or receptions. The castle is also conveniently located close to the vibrant city of Galway, providing easy access to a range of amenities and attractions such as the Cliffs of Moher & Connemara National Park. Menlo Castle is a fascinating and unforgettable location for couples who want an elopement location that is both historic and romantic.

Pros: No fees

Cons: Open to the public; many joggers/walkers





Picking your vendors for your elopement are some of the most important decision in your wedding planning. Your vendors have the ability to bring you comfort and lessen the stress of your wedding planning process and your wedding day.

Here are some things to consider when picking your vendors and some vendor suggestions in Ireland!






Odharnait Kiernan

Odharnait’s style is tailored to each client’s personality with a focus on fresh and youthful looks that truly never overpower natural beauty. Odharnait’s skill in creating flawless, natural looks that are polished yet reflect each client’s individuality. Having worked in the industry for over 16 years, Odharnait is a seasoned bridal make-up artist who travels nationwide for weddings and elopements.

Planning an elopement is an exciting adventure that requires careful consideration and planning. Whether you're eloping to a distant destination or having a small, intimate ceremony, picking the right vendors is essential to ensuring your day runs smoothly and stress-free. Here's why choosing good vendors is so important, and some tips on how to pick the right ones for your elopement.

Firstly, choosing skilled vendors ensures that you'll have a seamless and enjoyable experience. When you choose vendors who are professional, experienced, and reliable, you can rest assured that they'll take care of everything on the day, leaving you free to enjoy the moment. Good vendors have the experience and knowledge to anticipate problems before they arise and to handle them quickly and efficiently if they do.

Secondly, picking the right vendors can also have a significant impact on the quality of your elopement. The vendors you choose will be responsible for creating the atmosphere and ambiance of your ceremony and capturing the memories of your special day. When you choose vendors who are talented and passionate about what they do, you can trust that they will bring their unique skills and expertise to make your elopement unforgettable.

Paula Callan

Paula Callan's is renowned for providing high-quality, professional makeup for a range of occasions. With years of experience in the industry, Paula and her team of expert makeup artists specialise in creating flawless, long-lasting looks that enhance the natural beauty of their clients. Paula’s makeup service offers personalized consultations to ensure that every client receives a customised look that suits their individual needs and preferences. From subtle, natural makeup to bold and dramatic looks, Paula and her team are dedicated to making each client look and feel their absolute best.

Aoife Callaghan

Focusing on simplicity, Aoife creates make-up looks that are natural yet defined. This results in beautiful, long-lasting make-up that looks incredible both in person and in your elopement photos. Aoife has worked in the bridal industry for over 15 years, including stints with Bobbi Brown. Aoife has won a number of awards and is also a member of the Maven Bridal team based in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Aisling Hickey

With over 8 years of experience in the Irish make-up industry, Aisling honed her skills working with the best brands including Charlotte Tilbury and Benefit. Specialising in bridal make-up, creating customised looks that highlight and enhance the natural beauty of each client, Aisliing’s aesthetic is soft, beautiful and unmistakably you. Aisling listens to the needs of each client carefully to ensure an individual approach is taken with each client, bringing out the best version of each client.

Aisling Kelly

Aisling Kelly’s makeovers are renowned for bringing out her client’s natural beauty while creating a seamless and effortless experience from the moment you reach out to her to when you sit in her make-up chair. She believes that you deserve to look and feel your best on your wedding day while empowering each client with confidence knowing that they look and feel like the best version of themselves. Having worked across beauty, bridal, film and television, Aisling was recently named by the Irish Times as ‘one of the most exciting makeup artists in Ireland” and by Image magazine as “one to watch”.

Martina King

Martina is a Dublin-based wedding hairstylist who has over 20 years of experience in the hair styling industry. An award-winning bridal hair stylist, Martina brings her wealth of knowledge and passion to every client she has the pleasure of working with. Martina specialises in bridal hair adapting any style to suit each individual bride's personality. Her aim is to ensure each person looks like the best version of themselves on their wedding day, creating styles that enhance each person’s natural beauty. A great person to have around on the morning of your wedding, Martina brings an air of calm with her, ensuring her brides and their bridal parties are completely relaxed on what is a very busy and emotional day.

Lisa Smyth

Lisa began her career as a hairdresser working in some of Ireland’s leading salons. In 2006 she made the move over to Makeup Artistry and spent some time working with the brand Bobbi Brown before deciding to merge the two careers and become a freelance hairstylist and makeup artist for bridal, TV, commercial and fashion. Lisa’s professional skills and relaxed attitude will put any bride at ease on their special day and leave them feeling like their best and most beautiful self. Bridal hairstyles range from undone updos, textured top knots, relaxed Californian waves and boho braids and Hollywood glam.

Claire Barry

With over 8 years of experience, Claire has learned all the skills needed to create the classic up and down styles but has since developed her own style and uses these skills to create anything from classic to boho to vintage wedding hair. She loves to create romantic wedding hairstyles like soft up styles with fresh flowers and tumbling soft waves. Claire is also passionate about creating vintage styles, such as glamorous Hollywood Waves, 1920s Finger Waves and 1940s Victory Rolls. She’s extremely experienced working with clip-in hair extensions and finds they can really open up style options that would otherwise be impossible for some brides.
Claire plans out the morning and sends each bride a schedule beforehand, ensuring a smooth and professional service. Claire is amazing to work with, she loves being part of the wedding day prep and all the joy and excitement that goes along with it and brings such a lovely atmosphere with her wherever she goes. Clients often say that her calm nature and relaxed approach has really helped them stay present during their wedding morning preparations.

Sian Sharkey

Sian Sharkey is a highly skilled and experienced hair stylist based in Ireland. With over 20 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, she has developed a reputation for her exceptional talent and ability to create stunning hairstyles. Sian is passionate about helping her clients look and feel their best, and she specializes in bridal hair, offering a range of styles to suit every taste and personality. She takes the time to understand each clients individual needs and preferences and working closely with them to create the perfect look for their wedding. Sian's creativity, attention to detail, and warm and friendly approach have earned her a loyal following of clients and made her one of the most sought-after hair stylists in Ireland.

Bella Botanica

Bella Botanica is a boutique floral design studio that specializes in creating stunning floral arrangements for weddings, events, and special occasions. With a passion for design and a commitment to personalised service, the team at Bella Botanica works closely with each client to create custom floral arrangements that perfectly capture the essence of their vision. From romantic and whimsical to modern and minimalist, their expert floral designers are skilled in a variety of design styles and are dedicated to using only the freshest, highest-quality flowers available. In addition to floral design, Bella Botanica also offers event styling services to help create a cohesive look and feel for your event. With their attention to detail, creativity, and personalized service, Bella Botanica has become one of the most sought-after floral design studios in the industry.

The Garden

The Garden is a creative floral design studio, flower and plant shop marrying the wilds of Connemara with the elegance of their Georgian surrounds in the beautiful Powerscourt House in the centre of Dublin city. Founded in 2010 by landscape gardener, Mark Grehan, the way in which flowers grow in the wild inspires their approach to flower arranging. Their signature design are their hand-tied bouquets which are wild and sculptural yet pared back, allowing the beauty of the flowers, blooms and foliage to speak for itself. The Garden’s studio is where memorable floral displays for weddings, private and commercial events, fashion shows, shoots and launches, retail, stage and film sets are imagined and designed. The Garden has worked on luxury weddings and events of all scales, throughout Ireland, Europe and the US.


Appassionata is a renowned floral design and event styling company that specializes in creating stunning floral arrangements for weddings, events, and special occasions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Appassionata has earned a reputation for its exceptional attention to detail, creativity, and personalized service. From intimate weddings to grand galas, their team of expert floral designers works closely with each client to create custom floral arrangements that perfectly capture the essence of their vision. In addition to floral design, Appassionata also offers event styling services to help create a cohesive look and feel for your event. With their commitment to using only the freshest, highest quality flowers and their dedication to personalized service, Appassionata has become one of the most sought-after floral design and event styling companies in the industry.

Wild Feather Event Styling

Wild Feather Event & Styling is a full-service event planning and styling company that specialises in creating unique, bohemian-inspired events that perfectly capture the essence of their client's personalities. With a passion for design, the team at Wild Feather works closely with each client to create a customised event that is tailored to their individual needs and preferences. From intimate elopements to grand celebrations, Wild Feather offers a range of planning and styling services to fit any occasion. Whether you're looking for assistance with vendor management, event design, or day-of coordination, their team of expert planners and stylists will work tirelessly to ensure your event is flawless. With their unique approach to event planning and styling, Wild Feather has earned a reputation for creating some of the most stunning and unforgettable events in the industry.

Tara Fay Events

Tara Fay Event Planning is a top-tier event planning company that specializes in creating luxurious, high-end events that leave a lasting impression. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Tara Fay and her team of expert planners have earned a reputation for their exceptional attention to detail and commitment to providing personalized service. From weddings and corporate events to social gatherings and charitable functions, Tara Fay offers a range of customized planning services to fit any occasion. With a passion for design and a keen eye for detail, their team works tirelessly to create unforgettable events that perfectly capture the essence of their client's vision. You can be confident that every event detail will be flawlessly executed, leaving you free to relax and enjoy every moment with your guests.

Frog Prince Weddings & Events

Frog Prince Wedding and Design is a premier wedding planning and design company that specializes in creating unique, unforgettable events that perfectly reflect the style and personality of each couple. With years of experience in the industry, the team at Frog Prince has a keen eye for design and a passion for bringing their clients' visions to life. From initial consultations to final execution, they work closely with each couple to create a custom wedding experience that is tailored to their individual needs and preferences. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Frog Prince offer a range of planning and design services to fit any budget. With their dedication to personalized service and exceptional attention to detail, Frog Prince has earned a reputation for creating some of the most stunning and memorable weddings in the industry.

House of Hannah

House of Hannah is a full-service wedding planning company that provides expert guidance and support for couples looking to create a truly memorable wedding day. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to personalised service, the team at House of Hannah is dedicated to bringing your unique wedding vision to life. From initial consultations to final execution, they offer a range of customizable services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for help with venue selection, vendor management, or overall event design, House of Hannah's experienced planners are there to guide you every step of the way. With their knowledge and expertise, you can be confident that your wedding day will be flawlessly executed, leaving you free to relax and enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

Find out how to book me as your elopement photographer here!

Picking your elopement photographer is one of the most important tasks you have during your elopement planning process. We are trained to catch small and special moments that you might not even know are happening or from a perspective you will cherish forever. 

 I adore authenticity. I prefer to dive deep into the heart of a conversation rather than focus on small talk. I would spend my savings on travel rather than buying a beautiful house, as experiences and memories are all we truly have.

I’m passionate about bringing these values to my clients when I capture their weddings.

This amazing celebration of love and life is incredible to be part of and I don’t take one day for granted. I’m here to support and guide you through this process as you plan your wedding.

Please reach out to me if you have further questions I have not answered in this guide and to find out how to book me as your elopement photographer!

Hi, I'm Amber!

Choosing to elope to Ireland during the autumn and winter months, from September to January means gorgeous low winter sun and cold, clear days. You are essentially guaranteed golden hour during this season.

Elopement destinations such as the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney National Park and Glendalough National Park, a popular tourist spot, are quieter in winter, giving you your pick of the best spots plus more privacy. 

Winter also brings some dramatic weather, lots of wind and rain, however, if you embrace it, you will get beautifully dramatic photos of your elopement and an experience that you will definitely not forget!
The Cliffs of Moher is a great place to embrace the wind and the rain! 

Ireland, while it has seasons, has quite changeable weather conditions. You can truly experience all four seasons in one day but this leads to the beauty of our landscapes.



In the spring and summer seasons, from February until August, the days are longer giving you more scope when planning your elopement. You can choose more locations to shoot at in one day, and perhaps travel a bit further to your dream spot. Sunsets are a bit later in the day, you’re looking at waiting until 9pm in June, for example. 






For many, Ireland is a bucket list destination and choosing to elope here makes it even more important. Why not choose to do a ‘Day After’ session when booking your elopement? If you decided to have your ceremony and celebrations in Dublin, for example, why not choose a more wild location that truly highlights the gorgeous landscape of ireland for your Day After session? You can wear your elopement outfits or choose something entirely different. This is the perfect opportunity to extend your celebrations, see more of Ireland and take time to get more beautiful portraits of you and your partner. 

Make the Most of Your Trip


You have chosen a beautiful venue to get ready in, something with lots of character that really speaks to you so why not wake up and take time to get ready together? Getting ready together on the morning of your elopement in Ireland can be a beautiful and intimate experience for you and your partner. It can help you to bond and share the excitement of the day. By getting ready together, you can support and help each other through the process, making it a memorable part of your elopement. Order some champagne and take a walk around the grounds of your hotel, taking everything in. 

Additionally, it can create an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy, where you can take your time and savour the moment before the big event. Getting ready together can also help you to coordinate your outfits and ensure that you both look and feel your best. Overall, getting ready together on the morning of your elopement in Ireland can be a meaningful and memorable way to start your special day.


Getting up early for a sunrise shoot on the day of your elopement in Ireland can be an incredible experience that adds to the magic of your special day. Ireland's stunning landscapes, historic buildings, and charming villages offer an incredible backdrop for your elopement shoot. The early morning light can create a beautiful, warm glow, adding depth and contrast to your photographs. Furthermore, the sunrise shoot can provide a peaceful and intimate setting, allowing you to capture beautiful moments without the distractions of tourists or crowds. By starting your day early, you can capture unforgettable photographs and make the most of your elopement experience in Ireland.


Staying in a gorgeous hotel? Choose extra coverage and do a little shoot on your hotel grounds. *Dependant on permission from the hotel


Staying up late and celebrating after your elopement in Ireland can be a great way to cap off a magical day. Ireland has a rich culture of music, dance, and storytelling, making it the perfect destination to immerse yourself in the local traditions and experience the joy of celebration. Many Irish towns and cities have a vibrant nightlife scene, with lively pubs and music venues that stay open late into the night. By staying up late, you can soak up the festive atmosphere and create unforgettable memories with your partner. Celebrating your love in a new and exciting place can be an unforgettable experience, and by staying up late and experiencing the local culture, you can make the most of your elopement in Ireland.

You're eloping because you want your time to feel more intentional. You don't want to hurry through the motions of a wedding day and want to actually remember what happened during your elopement. Here are some tips from a timeline perspective that will help you slow down and enjoy the little moments.

how do I book you TO PHOTOGRAPH our elopement?

Send me an enquiry through the contact page and I’ll see if your date is available. To secure your date I require a 50% booking fee and I’ll send you a contract to sign. Note due to the high booking demand, your date is not secured with me until your booking fee has been received & the contract has been signed.

Absolutely! If you’re considering eloping abraod, get in touch via my contact page and we’ll get planning. My dream wedding destinations include New York City, Southern France, Italy, and Spain, however I'm open to all destinations.

do you photograph international elopements?

Yes, I have photographed many different types of elopements, some with a select group of guests, some with just the couple. All elopements are welcome! 

Should I bring guests to my elopement?

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Frequently asked questions ABOUT



Where should we stay?

This will depend on where your elopement is taking place but there are a wealth of beautiful hotels in Dublin which can be a central hub for you during your trip. Looking for places around the country? Check out Airbnb for quaint cottages in Connemara to luxury Georgian estates in Wicklow. 

If you will be based in Dublin or in the surrounding counties, Dublin airport is where you will fly into. Depending on where you are travelling from, Dublin airport is where the majority of interational flights will arrive into. Alternatively, if you will be based on the west coast, Shannon airport will be the best choice.

What is the best airport to fly into?


Ireland is a country with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. From its lush green landscapes to its historic castles and ancient ruins, there is no shortage of interesting things to do in Ireland. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or adventure, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful country.

One of the most popular attractions in Ireland is the Cliffs of Moher, located on the west coast of the country. These towering cliffs rise over 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can take a leisurely walk along the cliff edge or brave the blustery winds to experience the full force of nature. 

For those interested in history, a visit to Dublin Castle is a must. This medieval castle dates back to the 13th century and has played an important role in Irish history. Visitors can explore the castle's many rooms and learn about its history as the former seat of the British and then Irish government. While visiting the castle, it’s worth taking a short stroll to the Chester Beatty Library, described by Lonely Planet, as ‘not just the best museum in Ireland but one of the best in Europe’, which houses rare books, manuscripts and other treasures from Europe, thet Middle East, North Africa and Asia. 

Another fascinating historical attraction is the Rock of Cashel, located in County Tipperary. This ancient site is home to a number of medieval buildings, including a 12th-century round tower and the famous Cormac's Chapel. Visitors can take a guided tour to learn about the history and significance of this remarkable site.
For a taste of Ireland's famous hospitality, a visit to a traditional Irish pub is a must. These cozy pubs are the perfect place to enjoy a pint of Guinness and soak up the local atmosphere. Many pubs also offer live music and traditional Irish dancing, making for a lively and memorable evening.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ireland offers a wealth of opportunities for adventure. The country's rugged coastline is ideal for surfing, while its many lakes and rivers are perfect for fishing and kayaking. Visitors can also explore the many hiking trails that crisscross the country, taking in stunning views of the countryside along the way.

One of the most unique outdoor activities in Ireland is bog walking. Bogs are wetlands that are unique to Ireland and are home to a diverse array of plant and animal life. Visitors can take a guided tour of a bog to learn about its ecology and walk along the spongy terrain.

Finally, no trip to Ireland would be complete without a visit to the iconic Blarney Stone. Located in County Cork, this famous stone is said to grant the gift of eloquence to those who kiss it. Visitors can climb to the top of Blarney Castle and lean over backwards to kiss the stone, a memorable and somewhat daring experience.
In conclusion, Ireland offers a wealth of interesting things to do for visitors of all ages and interests. From its rich history and culture to its natural beauty and outdoor adventures, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this fascinating country. Whether you are planning a short visit or a longer stay, be sure to take in as much of Ireland's unique offerings as possible.